Wedding Cafe in Seoul

Wedding Cafe in Seoul.

Every girl dreams of her wedding day and walking down the aisle.

At the Princess Diary cafe in Seoul you can dress up to your heart’s content!


At the Princess Diary Cafe, you can:

  • order some delicious drinks. 

    Each drink has a wedding themed name and is priced around 5,000-9,000 won.

  • try on wedding dresses.

    Dresses range from 10,000 won to 40,000 won ($10-$40).  The dresses come in a free size and the staff assist in pinning your dress to make you look great on your special day ::cough cough::.

I’m incredibly excited.


The dress!  You can also try on some cute accessories to complement your dress.


  • take some amazing photos!

    Go crazy with your photo shoot.  The staff took photos for us and gave us some great ideas.  To commemorate your visit, you can also buy a polaroid shot.



Come with your best gal friends for a fun day out, or even with your boyfriend (guys, godspeed and good luck!).

Location: Ewha Women’s University Exit, Line 2.  From exit 3, walk down the street to your right and turn left when you see Juno Hair.  Princess Diary Cafe is in the first building to your right, on the 3rd floor.

What do you think of wedding cafes?  Would you go visit one?  ^^ – Love from Jane