The McGriddle

Note:  The things you love are sometimes the farthest from your grasp.  ::sob::

Disclaimer: As our tastebuds may not be the same, the mcgriddle may or may not be the one for you.  If not, please respect the wishes of mcgriddle lovers everywhere and agree to disagree.

The McGriddle: Perfection

The bacon, egg and cheese bagel, and the bacon, egg and cheese muffin have existed, simply existed, lonely and waiting for the magic touch.

They had the simple, beautiful egg who flirted with the mouthwatering bacon and together they kissed the melted, smooth cheese.  But something was missing!  They tried the bread, and the bread was too plain, and thus the delicious egg, bacon and cheese felt … alone.

So then came… the McGriddle!!

Let’s answer the big question:

What makes a McGriddle great?

1.Its limited availability.

I once went to Australia and tried to order a mcgriddle at McDonald’s.  I thought, I know this place!  It feels like home.  I approached them excitedly and asked for a mcgriddle.  They didn’t understand. “We have pancakes and bacon and cheese.  You could.. put those together?”  Those.. people!! How could they not understand the deliciousness and specialness of THE mcgriddle?  I wept.

2.  Its syrup infused pancake bread magic.

Start with this miracle pancake bread and infuse some sweet nectar from the gods. I imagine little, tiny people with tiny syrup syringes sticking the pancake with eyes glowing, saying “Yessss… yesss!” This is the final touch of perfection.  It perfectly complements the simple beauty of the egg, mouthwatering bacon, and melted, smooth cheese.

3. It’s affordable.

At only $3-$4 (Prices will vary by location), this delicious breakfast will satiate your tastebuds and give you a food coma equivalent to that of a more expensive, large brunch, and at 1/4 the price!

4. It’s convenient.

With pancakes, eggs, and bacon, you need a fork.  With the mcgriddle, all you have to do is bite the happy pancake bun.  It’s also small in size (you’ll probably have to buy 3 for a full breakfast coma) so you can eat it in 2-4 bites.

BONUS: If you get the meal, you are privy to its tasty sidekick, the hash brown.  Golden, fried, perfect….. but that’s a story for another day.


At a whopping 460 calories, this delicious breakfast bun can be yours for under $4  at your local McDonald’s between the hours of early morning to mid-morning.


Picture Credit: J. Banana. Thanks, Banana!

Instructions: Please devour slowly and drink with orange juice.  After devouring, please walk ten miles at a vigorous pace.

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