The beauty of the new year

The beauty of the new year is that, no matter how hard or tough your last year was, you have the ability to start all over.  To let go of all the things from the past, the things you could’ve done, didn’t do, shouldn’t have done, would’ve done but didn’t.. and just start with a nice clean slate.

To rebuild, recreate, refine, renew!  To live the life that we dreamed of.  Sure, we may fall, and blunder, but we will rise, get back up again, and keep going.

So here’s to the new year, the adventures ahead, the challenges we shall vanquish, the people we shall meet, the good things we shall do, and the smiles, tears and laughs we will share in the year to come!


Honey Bowl – Sweet, Sweet Brunch in Hongdae

If you’re looking for some seriously tasty brunch in Seoul, this is it!

Set on a side street in between Hapjeong and Hongdae is a simply delicious brunch restaurant.

Honey Bowl

Honey Bowl has a second floor and also outdoor dining. Its decor is bright, clean and sunny – exactly what you need to wake you up!

But enough about that, the food!

Honey Bowl serves pancakes, French toast, and massive combination brunch plates.

The prices range from 6,000 won to 14,000 won. And let me tell you, the portions are huge.

The boyfriend ordered the Simple Plate for 10,000 won: three bacon strips, two pancakes, wedge potatoes, two eggs, and a salad.

I’m not a pancake person, but I had a bite of the pancakes, and it was perfect: fluffy, melt in your mouth buttery goodness.  I stole a few bites more when he wasn’t looking!


I ordered the Eggs Benedict for 13,500 won.  It came with two poached eggs topped lovingly on an English muffin, complimented with tomatoes, cheese, and  a generous heaping of strips of bacon.  It also came with a cherry tomato and mushroom salad drizzled with balsamic sauce.


The soft, poached eggs went well with the  crispness of the English muffin and the bacon just wanted to party.

We’ve come here several times to satisfy our brunch cravings!

The location:


You can get to Honey Bowl from either Hapjeong Station, Exit 6, or Sangsu Station, Exit 1.  Happy food travels! – Love from Jane


If you want to check out the menu, they have pictures on their website:

The McGriddle

Note:  The things you love are sometimes the farthest from your grasp.  ::sob::

Disclaimer: As our tastebuds may not be the same, the mcgriddle may or may not be the one for you.  If not, please respect the wishes of mcgriddle lovers everywhere and agree to disagree.

The McGriddle: Perfection

The bacon, egg and cheese bagel, and the bacon, egg and cheese muffin have existed, simply existed, lonely and waiting for the magic touch.

They had the simple, beautiful egg who flirted with the mouthwatering bacon and together they kissed the melted, smooth cheese.  But something was missing!  They tried the bread, and the bread was too plain, and thus the delicious egg, bacon and cheese felt … alone.

So then came… the McGriddle!!

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In winter 2012, I visited Thailand with a friend. In the middle of the city were beautiful temples and amazing sights.  I spent a wonderful week in Thailand. Below are some pictures from my trip.

temple in downtown Bangkok

 Koh Tao Island


 temple in downtown Bangkok

“Pad thai tastes like magic.” – me







 riverboat tour


Koh Tao Island

Montreal, Canada

A Visit to Montreal

On a trip to visit the French Canadian, I spent an amazing week in Montreal, indulging in the food, the sights, and the great weather.  I hope to visit this beautiful place again soon.

-view of downtown Montreal


-Cafe Castel


-Canada’s largest church, St. Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal


-a game of epic proportions, seen in downtown Montreal


-the view from the top of the oratory

Wedding Cafe in Seoul

Wedding Cafe in Seoul.

Every girl dreams of her wedding day and walking down the aisle.

At the Princess Diary cafe in Seoul you can dress up to your heart’s content!


At the Princess Diary Cafe, you can:

  • order some delicious drinks. 

    Each drink has a wedding themed name and is priced around 5,000-9,000 won.

  • try on wedding dresses.

    Dresses range from 10,000 won to 40,000 won ($10-$40).  The dresses come in a free size and the staff assist in pinning your dress to make you look great on your special day ::cough cough::.

I’m incredibly excited.


The dress!  You can also try on some cute accessories to complement your dress.


  • take some amazing photos!

    Go crazy with your photo shoot.  The staff took photos for us and gave us some great ideas.  To commemorate your visit, you can also buy a polaroid shot.



Come with your best gal friends for a fun day out, or even with your boyfriend (guys, godspeed and good luck!).

Location: Ewha Women’s University Exit, Line 2.  From exit 3, walk down the street to your right and turn left when you see Juno Hair.  Princess Diary Cafe is in the first building to your right, on the 3rd floor.

What do you think of wedding cafes?  Would you go visit one?  ^^ – Love from Jane

Vacation: Before and After



Eat all the food!!!  Everything and anything is fair game.

eating animated GIFCredit:


Don’t you even try.

food animated



You ask questions in hopes of making exceptions to your new diet.

food animated



You try eating healthy but it proves more difficult than expected.

the office animated





It’s 4 a.m. and you’re still getting your groove on.

party animated




Asleep by 9.  With all of your clothes on.

pokemon animated GIF





        money animated GIF




“I need this one dollar to last for three days.”

breaking bad animated GIF


Welcome back from vacation, and here’s to a good getting back into the swing of things.

-Love from Jane